belly dancing

Has anybody seen belly dancing live. I always wanted togo to a restaurant and watch belly dancing.  I’ve seen some on T. V. and the computer I love it.  I even have a belly dancing video tape.  I can’t do it because it’s in storage.  Here are some pics though.

belly4.jpg   and   belly6.jpg  pretty nice son’t you think I think so.  maybe just one more.       belly.jpg  Enjoy adn eat your heart out world.  Well I have to do this but it is time to go now.  Hope to hear from you.



all the different hats bring so many things to fashion.  It inhances the clothes you are wearing and not to mention it looks good.   So all you hat lovers show me your hat collection that you have or want to have.  I don’t have alot but a few lets just say that I can count them on one hand.  here are some that I like.   hat2.jpg  and   hat4.jpg  as you can see I love older type hats or really small hats.  I forgot what you call the but I’m sure you know what I’m tlaking about ifyour a hat lover.  tlak to you laer hers some more   hat3.jpg             hat6.jpg  thanks for listening to me blabbler about coolstuff.


who loves to travel?  Ido you get to meet new people and try different foods.  Have wonderful stories to tell when you het older and have grandchildren.  Know all kinds of different cultures as well.   Life would be more interesting and fun at the same time, who knows might even meet a long time friend.  tower.jpg    theres so many beautiful beaches tovisit as well.    rauma3.jpg  so make sure you travel as much as you can while you are here.  talk to lyou latter.

wedding dresses

Don’t youthink that wedding dresses are beautiful?  I do thats the day that the bride shines like a queen what- have- you.  This is when you get all the attention it’s your day and your day alone.  Some dresses cost more than others and some are more beautiful than others.  It all depends on the parents right?

lets look at some shall we?      wdding-dress4.jpg  another one  wdding-dress3.jpg  so depends on what you really want so go and get what you want with what you have.  In other words get the best with what you can afford.  I think you should spend more on the honeymoon.   go somewhere you never been before for about 2 weeks.   Youy should also make sure that you have somewhere to stay when you come home.


how do you see life in terms of clothing and the way you portray yourself to the world? Are you very weird, unique, different, eccentric, or just in a class of your own. I say do what you feel is right, wear what looks the best on you and who cares what anybody else thinks. going with the crowd all the time is boring I saw go against the grain baby.

cute6.gif this is what it is all about love and friendship. So just keep up the good work and things will turn out ok. Think positive and good things will happen, think negative and thats what you get. It’s the state of mind also hang around people who also are positive and are foing something for themselves. Thanks for listening see you later.


I think when you do your own particular style for yourself is awesome. when you see someone with nice hair style it mkaes or break a person. some hair stlyes are good while others are horrible. Not every hairstlye goes with everybody so u should find out for yourself. If you can do hair moe power to you I can doa mad ponytail. hair2.jpg

hair3.jpg this is very nice I love looking at beautiful hair the problem is that I’m tender headed, do some times depending on what they are doing it hurts likehell. soenjoy !!!!


It is very cold in this class room, almost feel like a esikimo. I don’t think I have enough clothing on tokeep me warm. But you go outside and it’s extremly hot. No wonder alot of people are getting sick. Well I’m not why becuz I refuse to don’t have time for sickness if you get my meaning. so hows the weather out there where your at. wellthis is what it feels like in this classroom. cld.jpg and out side this is whats it’s like hot.jpg I think you get the picture and it’s not even summer yet!!!!! what a hoot. well we just have to deal with it unfortunatly. I have no idea how the weather is for you but let me know and send some pics. so tlak to you later peace.